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    Hi, all!

    I'd like to know if someone has faced this problem:

    I'm currently developing an application using WebSphere Application Server 5.1 and the database(s) is Informix (9.30/9.40) and using the Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.
    In this application i'm using XA and i'm having the following SQLException:

    "Could not position within a table" and
    "Could not do a physical-order read to fetch next row"

    This error is reported in the IBM site:


    Also, i've testing DataDirect jdbc driver and i'm experiencing the same problem :/

    If anyone has probed another driver i also like to know :)


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    I have used the non-XA driver heavily with WAS 5.1 and Informix IDS/XPS, the XA driver very little.

    Set your isolation mode to dirty read and see if it works.

    This could also be happening because the database is running out of dbspace. (I've had instances where Informix would complain that it could not position within a table, when the root cause was running out of space)