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    We are planning to use JMS - Point-to-Point mechanism. Once the message is read from Queue, we would like to save them in oracle database. What are the different options available for the transaction processing?

    We are considering the following options.

    1. Use Message Driven Beans to read the messages from
       Queues. Use Container Managed Transactions ( CMP) and
       use required attribute setting in Deployment descriptor.
       This will ensure that if there are any previous
       transactions, the message will be saved within the same
       transaction. Otherwise, it will create new transaction
       and commit the changes to oracle database.

    2. Use some simple POJO's and write your own JDBC to save
       into oracle database?

    3. Use some object mapping relational tools like hibernate,
       JDO and use their transaction control mechanism etc.

       Are there any other options available for transaction

       Also, My biggest concern is , what happens if the
       message is read from message queue and if there is some
       problem in saving to database(database is down etc)?
       what happens to the message already read at that point?

       Appreciate your suggestions, comments etc.
  2. Option 1 will solve all your problems[ Go to top ]

    Go for option 1 this will solve all your problems.
    I hope the processing on messages before being saved to db can be rolled back. Not like a credit payment/mail sending job. If the activity can not be rolled back then i will suggest save messgae in activity log before going for processing and commit every thing once your transaction is complete
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    Either MDBs or message driven POJOs sound fine. You might find this FAQ entry useful...