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    Hi forum;

       I have read some papers about Apache and Tomcat ( or others jsp containers); And always i read that apache is great to provide static content and jsp containers to provide mutables;

       Alwais i see the famous \img folder inside <someserver>\webapps\<someapp>\img.

       Let's say that we are developing an ruge virtual shopping's application and we expect many sessions at the same time;

       So we configure Apache server with mod_jk (Ajp13).

       Is it nescessary (or better in performance view) to place the static contents ( htm, html, jpg, gifs and others) under apache but and outside the jsp container ?

       thanks for your atention;

     Marcos Ortega
  2. Use caching at apache level[ Go to top ]

    It compromises the portability of your war to keep static data out side war.
    Make use of Apache cacing to cache static ones.

    If you still want to keep those out side.

    Keep them inside .war too along with that keep those outside and do mapping in Apache to get the stuff delivered from outside of tomcat.