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    hey all...

    I am looking for a solution to digitally sign an html form that is part of a jsp page. The functionality I require is the addition of a "digital signature" form field at the end of the form. Before "signing" the form, the user must possess a public/private key pair obtained from somewhere (certificate authority). Adding their signature to this field would call some service to create a digest from the form data, and then encrypt the digest using the provided private key. This encrypted digest (signature) and public key is sent along with the form data when the submit button is pressed.

    When this form data is displayed on some other jsp page, another service would validate the signature by generating a second digest from the form data, decrypting the signature using the public key, and then comparing the two digests.

    I do not require the actual form data to be encrypted. I only require the digital signature for non-repudiation purposes. Also, I am aware of the Java Cryptography API and JCE taglib. Based on the research I have done so far, I have seen use of the JCA to digitally sign jars, but I have not seen any implementation of the JCA for digitally signing html forms. I imagine it can be done, but I would like some advice from anyone who can help with this topic.

    I appreciate your time...
  2. There must be someone around who has implemented a digital signature solution on an html form using some sort of Java... I'd even be interested in learning about a JavaScript implementation. At the very least, a response like "try google" would be entertaining....
  3. try google