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    The link to the JRockit EULA states "BEA JRockit can be freely downloaded and used for production or development purposes by simply agreeing to the included End-User License Agreement."

    Yet the EULA states "...BEA Systems, Inc. ("BEA") grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the internal use only of the accompanying software and documentation provided by BEA for WebLogic JRockit ( "JRockit"), including, but not limited to the right to reproduce and use JRockit internally for the purpose of designing, developing and testing Java applets and applications, and running Java applets and applications on JRockit."

    To my unlaweducated mind these don't seem to agree on whether they allow JRockit to be used in production for free. Do they?

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    Hello Bernard,

    BEA certainly intends JRockit to be free for production, and my uneducated interpretation is that the "...and running Java applets and applications on JRockit" refers to that. I'll see if I can get someone from BEA legal to comment.

    Henrik Ståhl
    JRockit Product Manager