The common approach to implement Lucene Search is to create Lucene index right after the content is submitted. It works fine in a single server, limited volume.

But if your server has several servers, all generating new content for search. In this case, it's difficult to implement Lucene search. Well, you can create Lucene index on each server, merge them together (?), and distribute the index back to each server...

And if the volume is high, merging Lucene indexes become ugly slow. Merging indexes intrinsically is a slow process. It has to go through all documents you have.

This common approach doesn't sound scalable, by either number of servers or number from documents.

DBSight is trying to provide a simple yet scalable solution.

DBSight provide Lucene search functionality as a system service instead of as a dependency represented at each component layer, if the content is stored in database. Actually you don't need to be aware of Lucene when coding your application. And you can implement DBSight AFTER your system is almost finished.

What DBSight basically does are:
* Pulls data from any database according to your SQL(s), and then delete duplicates, incremental updating, delete old documents if outdated, Lucene index merge, job scheduling, and remote index replications.
* Process search request via HTTP
* Provides search results in any format you defined, like XML, CSV, HTML (search engine style, shopping cart style, and sortable table style).

The benefit for DBSight is obvious. This is a solution that decouples the content submitting from Lucene Indexing/Searching.

This decoupling eases(remove) development effort to include Lucene. Servers just need to store data into database, as they ordinarily do.

This decoupling frees resources also. Content servers don't need to worry about CPU resources allocated to Lucene indexing.

The end user's search request usually is routed to DBSight server. The results can be rendered more flexibly, by DBSight's provided templates... This is another story.

Other major DBSight features:
    Document ranking
    Categorize search results
    Highlight and Summarize search results
    Scheduler to sync with database updates
    RSS and Atom result feeds
    Velocity based easy-to-customize templates
    Search in multiple databases

DBSight is available as a Web Archive(WAR) and can be deployed to most Java Application Servers.

DBSight is available free of charge right now. Online demo is available.