out of memory error while running tomcat 3.1 why ?


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  1.   now i'm working on an ERP project using JSP+JDBC+Oracle,we use tomcat3.1 as jsp engine , Redhat6.2 as OS, Oracle8.1.6i for linux as DB. but from time to time tomcat just crash and the message given out was " out of memory" or sometime in tomcat.log it said " broken pipe " when this happened i had to reinstall tomcat or even the whole system. anyone please tell me what cause this problem and how to solve it
      thanks in advance!
  2. For tomcat to work windows allocates memory for its functioning.So when tomcat starts ,in the offending dos window go to memory tab and increase the memory to 4096 bytes.I had faced same problem on windows .

    I just hope this is possible on linux.

  3. Hai folks,

    I think your system configuration is 128 MB or else atleast 64 MB. Without these you cann't open your several application.

    Right now your problem is increase the Virual Memory. This is common error occured in all application so there is no need of reinstall.

    How to increase Virutal memory?

    Go to control panel, and click system in the system click Virutal Memory. In that there are 2 option one is the windows will automatically allocate and you can specify (radio button click for second one ie "LET ME SPECIFY MY OWN VIRUTAL SETTING". In that there are 2 option min and max. You increase the numbers in the Maximum field.

    If you want more about the Virutal memory, plz reply me back I will explain to you.

    All the Best.