how to install struts on my machine???


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  1. how to install struts on my machine??? (1 messages)

    hello my dear friends, can u please tell me the steps of:

    How to install and work with struts on my machine??

    Thank you friends.
  2. You don't. Struts isn't generally installed on a machine like Tomcat or some other application. Its a library that bundled with web applications. If you are installing a web application that uses struts then its going to come with the struts already.

    If you are trying to create a new web application and you want to know how to add the struts jars, its pretty easy. Just copy the struts jar files to your web applications /WEB-INF/lib directory. You will also need to copy some tld files to your /WEB-INF directory so you can use the struts tag libraries. Finally you will need to make some changes to your web.xml file so that it will use the struts framework.

    Check the struts website, there should be pretty clear instructions on there.