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General J2EE: Which is your Preferred Development Environment?

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    Recently I read a comment that implied that developers use JBoss for development but other app servers like WebLogic for production given the latter expanded set of features and scalability issues.

    Forgetting about the second part, the first part got me thinking. Are there developers that work their applications against JBoss to deploy to other app server? Why? What is that JBoss offers to developers that makes them prefer it for development?.

    Let’s forget about JBoss being free. I’m talking about people that work for companies with Weblogic or Webpshere IDEs and servers, they install JBoss in their machines and develop with that. Of course they have later migration issues, but they don’t care.

    Is developing with WLS and WS tools so awful or unproductive? Don’t they have more features in their IDEs than JBoss and its plugins for Eclipse?.

    In general: does that sentence hold true?

  2. I use RAD with Websphere. I like the integration RAD gives with Websphere. I cannot speak for Weblogic, but in general, we have enough troubles with the differences between the drivers on my machine and the drivers on the mainframe server.

    In my case, I wouldn't develop in a totally different server.
  3. Hi All;
    If I am to be frank with out any bias towards the open source and commercial IDE's available, Oracle JDeveloper is the most versatile and Robust tool, which I have come across.
    My vote goes for JDeveloper and Eclipse..!

  4. I have been using WSAD almost from its beginning. I love the features it provides especially if you have to deploy on websphere app server. I like the integrated test environment which it comes with. If you dont need all the 30,000 plugins it comes with, go with eclipse. I have not used IntelliJ but heard a lot of good things about it too
    Sandeep Bhagavatula