Ideo Technologies has announced the availability of SweetDEV Studio, an Eclipse-based payware Web Integrated Development Environment (Web IDE) with custom web components, a JSP/Struts debugger, drag and drop for tags, consistency checking for JSPs, and component interdependency management.

Rich set of Web components (tags library)
SweetDEV Studio comes with a complete set of advanced tags. Simply drag and drop those tags to the JSP Editor, use a set of tailored wizards, and let SweetDEV Studio write the source code for you. At any time, you can directly interact at the source code level to apply any kind of modification you want. Develop faster with more than 50 advanced tags including Filter, Table, Picklist, Menu, and Structure.

2-way, Source and design JSP Editor
Sophisticated Source and Visual JSP editor has the unique ability to let you develop at either source or design level at the same time. Imagine the challenge of coming up to speed on an existing project and trying to understand how it is put together. Simply open the project and relevant JSP or Struts configuration file. Navigating with the visual editors automatically highlights the relevant source providing an intuitive way to understand and editing the application.
JSP / Struts debugger
SweetDEV Studio allows Web JSP / Struts debugging from the JSP Editor: just position a break point in your JSP and launch the application. At the first break point SweetDEV Studio skips automatically in the debug perspective. A view shows all the variables used, accessible, threads, break points. You can debug step by step (step-in, step-out, step-over functions). SweetDEV Studio gives you also Struts exception analysis.
Consistency checking
SweetDEV Studio, with the embedded "AppXRay" technology, builds and keeps update in real time, a repository of all the relations of the different application elements across all the layers of the Web environment. Most Web applications execution errors can be detected and corrected during the development time. You save time and efforts and you dramatically increase your productivity.
Pricing and Availability
SweetDEV Studio is priced at 995 euro per year, per developer including a one-year subscription for product updates, bug fixes. (Roughly 1200 USD, although note that exchange rates vary.)