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    Hello All,
      I want to redirect Session information to my own session management component so that Session related information will be stored in my component and not in Webserver.

     Does any has idea of how to go about it. I did some study of TomCat session management and thought of following.

    - To override methods in Tomcat's ManagerBase.
    - To Implement our own HttpSession. This component will redirect all session related calls to custom component.

    Again it will require implementing the different Session Listeners to intercept the Session Call and divert it to custom component.

    I mean it could be considered as storing a session information in a data base and in webserver's in memory. So that will require intercepting session requests and directing the same to database.

    can any one throw much more light on this.

    Thanks & Regards
  2. Do you really need to store all session information in your own component? Because there are much more information than those you put there. Depending on the libraries/frameworks you are using, there's a lot of 'extra' stuff stored in the session context.

    If you only want to store information you put, you could create an 'intermediate' object, which stores only what you put there. Then you would put it in the session context.