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    I've played with both of these a bit and am wondering what other people think and whether you think one is better than the other. Here are my initial, very rough observations.

    Exadel Pro/Studio 2

    - Eclipse vs Netbeans 4 platform. Doesn't really make a huge differce to me, though I do use Netbeans for other things and prefer it.
    - Both have GUI layout tools for JSF flow control.
    - Exadel Pro has GUIs and tools for Hibernate and Spring. Sun Studio doesn't as far as I know.
    - Sun Studio looks like it has the edge in JSF development with custom JSF components, like calendar, and a nice WYSIWYG JSF/HTML GUI. It can also import static HTML pages bringing them into a JSF context.
    - Exadel seems to be a mature product whereas Sun Studio is just finding its feet.

    So far, it looks like Sun Studio has an edge as far as pure JSF development, though I'm not sure how portable the final package is or whether is has to be run on Sun's AppServer.

    Exadel has the edge in terms of more flexible development if you want to use Hibernate, Spring, Struts, etc...

    Like I said, I've just taken an initial look and would appreciate feedback from those who've played with both.



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    I prefer Exadel to Netbeans, mainly because we do a lot of Struts development, however, I've been evaluating Studio Creator from Sun and it's pretty strong, especially for JSF and portlet development.

    However, it's still very, very buggy which is why it's an "early access" release versus even a BETA.

    Simply cannot stand Sun Enterprise Studio, big, heavy, fat, bloated, etc. Too many cobbled parts to integrate and get working...