JavaEE 5 Injection, a replacement for IoC frameworks?


Blogs: JavaEE 5 Injection, a replacement for IoC frameworks?

  1. Billy Newport comments on how the limited views of the designers have limited the usefulness of the JavaEE 5 injection mechanism. As Billy Newport said, “they never looked at using injection as a generic Java application wiring framework which was the whole reason this pattern became popular.” He then goes on to describe the assumptions under which design choices were made and their impact on the usefulness of the specification.
  2. It would be hard to believe that Sun would let spec built around non-EE components to make a foundation of the EE. Who would need an enterprise server then?

    In any case spec is more or less bulit around lifecycle of the enterprise components and I believe it should be possible to create a lightweight container or adapter for one of the existing IoC containers like Spring that would allow to run EJB3 components in non-managed or "lightly" managed environment. :-)