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    I installed weblogic5.1 successfully and started the server.
    And also I got the main screen using http://localhost:7001

    But I am unable to run the weblogic5.1 examples.It gives this message

    Wed Jan 24 09:12:43 EST 2001:<E> <HTTP> Connection failure
    java.net.SocketException: ReadFile on fd=912 failed with err=64
            at weblogic.socket.NTSocketMuxer.initiateIO(Native Method)
            at weblogic.socket.NTSocketMuxer.read(NTSocketMuxer.java:254)
            at weblogic.socket.MuxableSocketHTTP.requeue(MuxableSocketHTTP.java:157)
            at weblogic.socket.MuxableSocketHTTP.execute(MuxableSocketHTTP.java:267)
            at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.run(ExecuteThread.java:120)

    Wed Jan 24 09:12:47 EST 2001:<E> <ServletContext-General> Cannot find resource 'examples/index.html'
     in document root 'C:\weblogic\myserver\public_html'

    Anyone can pl help me?Thanks
    Majic selvaraj
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    Just try this,

    Put one JSP file in Public_html and start the server.
    At the browser URL please specify like


    Make sure that you have this file in Public_html directory.

    Syed Imthias Basha