how to open .exe file located in server system by client system


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  1. hi,
    i am using tomcat 5.0 as server and jsp as front end.
    I placed some of the software in the server system.I want to open the exe of those software from the client system when the user clicks the button.

    I am able to open them in the server system itself but if i try to open it from other system(client system using ip address of server system), the exe file gets opened and displayed in the server system only but not in the client system.

    any idea???

    Please help.

    Thanks & Regards,
  2. Well, what kind of that exe is? Means what output it generates? Do you want to redirect the file output to the client or you want to show to client the screen which is opened after executing .exe file.

    Its not possible to run the whole exe to run at client end from browser. Because there are some security issues. But you can ask users to download that file to their machine and then run locally.

    Or may be you would like to look for an alternative like a midway solution of running something like applet etc.
  3. actually the user should get displayed with complete exe (like Software related to Bio Informatics Analysis)and he has certain commands that are to be performed to complete his analysis part.

    the user can download the entire software, but the requirement is they should not download any software, only the software window should display at their system and perform their analysis, thats all

    I am not good at using applets...

    Thanks & Regards