JavaSVN 1.0.0 has been released and available for download at

JavaSVN is a pure Java Subversion client library, that provides the following major features:

- "http","https","svn" and "svn+ssh" protocols support
- Support for Subversion 1.2.x features as well as support for older Subversions servers (1.1.x, 1.0.x).
- API to perform operations on Subversion working copy and repository, that supports all operations supported by JavaHL and command line client.
- Direct Subversion repository access API, i.e. one do not need to create or manage working copy to browse or modify Subversion repository.
- Persistent connections and connections pool support for better performance.
- JavaHL 1.2. API implementation to let JavaSVN server as transparent replacement for JavaHL bindings.
- Complete javadoc documentation, tutorials and examples available at JavaSVN web site.
- JavaSVN library is available as ready to use Eclipse plugin that could be installed from the update site.

Additionally there is a sample command line client implementation based on JavaSVN. This implementation pass all relevant python tests available for Subversion 1.2.3.

Read more on JavaSVN at

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