our company is running full IT services for banks in Germany.
Our new banking system is based on J2EE and running in WebSphere EJB Container (CMP with DB2, Stateless SessionBeans, JMS with MQ Series, IMS connect for the legacy system, yes we are an IBM shop :-).
For each different business case (i.E. accounts, contact management, customer administration, sales etc) we have an component oriented design:
One component is just allowed to aquire/update data by a service call, not by accessing the data base of an other component directly.
We are using XDE/WSAD to modell, but there is no global data or object modell store.

Unfortunally there is not one common global data modell.
For single transactions this is OK and works fine. For reporting purposes this is awful. Our solution will have an DataWarehouse, Marts and a business intelligence infrastructure, but this is not a full solution, due to needs of juristic reports and archive needs where changing (ETL) of the data structure is not allowed.

Is there anyone with experience in modelling with system wide conventions and service oriented component design? I am looking for articles or literature for combining J2EE, serviceorientation AND solutions for data modelling with global consistence. What tools are used to modell, design and check that (i.E. repositories)?
Do you know any reference project with public available documentation?

Please do not comment in an way "why don't you simply use this framework or that framework, or why don't you use JBoss or Bea". I cannot and will not change it, the thread is not intended to discuss it.

I hope my English is good enough to describe my problem. I apologize any syntax or grammar errors.

Thanks in advance

Best regards