tomcat5.5.x.:difference between 2000 workstation & 2000 server??


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  1. hello.

    (using jdk 1.5, tomcat 5.5.7, win2000 server OR win2000 workstation)
    i have a strange problem. i use a simple listfiles script, first to show the drive letters (.listRoots()) and then by param the content of the drive/folder (e.g. c: or d:\myfolder\etc...)
    when i use now the prompt (java myCalss.class) its working good on both: win2000 server and workstation. all drives and folders are listed. but using this class in an webapp-folder of the tomcat (using a local jsp site), it works only on the 2000 workstation. when i use the same tomcat version and the same class on the win2000 server, something strange happens:
    giving only a drive letter as param to my class(e.g. c:\ or d:\ or e:\ etc. nothing (also no exception!) is displayed on the local jsp site. BUT if i add to my param an existing folder (e.g. c:\winnt\ or d:\program files\) my jsp site lists all content i need.
    can anyone explain whats wrong? if it has something to do with userpolicy, the script also wouldn't work, giving to the class params like c:\winnt\ . and on the workstation there are no problems, neither simple class (prompt) nor the tomcat (same class in jsp)

    thanks & best regards

  2. Please check your logic comprehensively. There must be an exception for this. It can not abort without throwing any exception. Can you paste your code here?