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    we have an J2EE application which has been deployed in production server. The specs are:

    Server OS: Sun Solaris 9
    Web Server: Resin pro-3.0.14
    Application Server: IBM Websphere Express

    The problem is sometimes the images are not loaded, but if we refresh the page or use back button and click again or use forward button again, the images are loading. Sometimes the javascript as well as the css files are also not loaded.

    But the peculiar problem is that if we are in a LAN connection, everything is working fine. But if we have a static IP or browse in a internet browsing center or browse from home, then this problem occurs.

    I am at complete loss over this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. The application includes jsp, html, java classes, EJB and DB2 database.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have encounter this problem in two of my projects and I have resolved the problem differently in both .

    1) I renamed all images to lower cases and rename image names to fit in 8 characters of image name. Like if the image name is 'MYImagePC.jpg' -> 'myimgpc.jpg'.

    2) I put in the complete site address rather than putting the reference of the image. Like before I put in
    <img src='images/MyImagePC.jpg'> I changed that to
    <img src=''>