I'm a great fan of the Eclipse Extension Point Concept.

I wonder if anyone knows a port of this concept (either conceptually or even by providing a library) to J2EE/EJB.

Besides support for a similar domain model as Eclipse (i.e. types extension points, one .ear/.jar can provide multiple extensions for extensions points), the following non-functional requirements should be met:

   * Works in clustered environment.
   * Natural to use for EJB developers and deployers, i.e. no additional setup/install commands are needed. Just include the plugin.xml (or equivalent file) into your EAR or JAR and it works. Relevant to hot deployment, undeployment, redeployment.

I looked into shortly into http://jpf.sourceforge.net/, but it does not seem to cover J2EE issues listed above.

Thanks for any hints,