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    when i execute the following jsp page to automatically refresh for 30 seconds its givig me a javascript error message that document.refreshForm object is null when form is submitted(document.refreshForm.submit()

    I have deined the action and form path in struts-config but still form is giving an error.
    can you please help how to solve the error.

    <%@ page import='java.util.*' %>

    <%@ page import='presentation.action.RefreshTimer' %>

    <%@page import='presentation.action.RefreshAction'%>

    <%@page import='presentation.form.RefreshForm'%>

    <script language="javascript" >

    var temp = window.setInterval('submitPage()',10*1000);

    function submitPage(){

    alert("before count submit");


    var xyz = <%=application.getAttribute("counter")%>

    alert("New Request is " + xyz);



    <html:form action="/" method="post" onsubmit ="submitPage()">


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    Its giving the error because its not able to find resourceForm object on the jsp. Add "name" and "type" attributes in <html:form> it would work:

    <html:form name="refreshForm" type="presentation.form.RefreshForm"
    action="/" method="post" onsubmit ="submitPage()">
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    We have experienced the same proplem with:
    XP prof + IE 6
    Nevertheless, it works fine in W2K+IE6 and firefox.
    Believe the there is a bug in ActiveX in XP.

    What is your browser?

    Try a workaround