Exadel Announces AJAX Support for JSF in Studio Pro 3.5


News: Exadel Announces AJAX Support for JSF in Studio Pro 3.5

  1. Exadel has released Exadel Studio Pro 3.5, with support for AJAX along with other features. Studio Pro supports JSF, Struts, Hibernate, MyFaces, ADF, Shale, Spring, and more. AJAX components can be dropped into a page through the editor, and completely customized.

    New features include:
    • Extensive support for the AJAX JSF components in the Apache MyFaces Sandbox component library. Studio Pro 3.5 doesn't just bundle AJAX components, but fully integrates them into the visual editing environment in four specific ways:
      • The AJAX components are easily accessible through the Exadel Palette used with the Exadel Visual Page Editor
      • Dragging and dropping an AJAX component onto a page using the Visual Page Editor launches an advanced wizard for setting up the component for use in the page
      • The WYSIWYG display of AJAX components is completely handled out-of-the-box by customizable templates
      • Full code assist is available for editing source code with AJAX components
    • Drag-and-drop configuration wizards for complex JSF components in the Visual Page Editor
    • Based on the new Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP) 1.0, providing enhanced performance and reliability
    • Full specialized support (code assist, project templates, etc.) for Struts Shale and the upgraded Facelets 1.0 extension to JSF.
    Exadel Studio Pro 3.5 is now available for purchase and download for $199 per license. A license purchase includes a one-year subscription for technical support and product updates including bug fixes and all major version releases that become available during the term of the subscription. Exadel Studio Pro licensees may purchase a renewal license for subscription and maintenance for an annual fee of $59. Exadel Studio 3.0 (standard edition) will continue to be available for download and use, free of charge.
  2. Does the Linux version also work Mac OS X ?
  3. Quick note on the myfaces sandbox[ Go to top ]

    Sorry to jump in here, but the Myfaces sandbox is like the name says a sandbox for future Tomahawk components. It is true that there already are ajax components in there.
    But those components are beta at best, so use them with care and do not wonder if the interfaces and generally the api of those components change significantly in between the releases and if some stuff of those is broken.

    The sandbox is somewhat what debian unstable is to debian...
  4. But just to be fully on topic[ Go to top ]

    Sorry, I just had to issue this warning to clear tings up, anyway congratulations Exadel guys, this release looks to be pretty good.