DBSight is a J2EE search platform for rapidly developing search engines on any relational database. It's scalable, fast to develop, and fast to search.
 It runs on any JDBC-supported relational database. It can work on any new systems or old legacy systems that need full-text search, without changing existing systems.
 It's based on the high-performance Lucene API.
 It has a Web UI for configuring data retrieval, content indexing, and displaying templates.
 It can also serve as a Lucene learning tool or RAD tool.
 The search results are rendered by Velocity as HTML, XML Web service, CSV, or anything you want.

Site: http://www.dbsight.net
Demo: http://search.dbsight.com/
Step by step: http://wiki.dbsight.com/index.php?title=Step_by_step