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    Can you create and run threads from within your webcontainer in WebSphere 6? We have just been to a presentation and we have been told that new thread creation has been prohibited.

    I know that thread creation in containers is not good because of management etc but I did not realise it would be stopped in WAS6.

    We are planning to migrate from 4 to 6 and we have found that a number of apps use threads!! This could be a big problem if it is true.....

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Andrew,

    You should check out the WorkManager JSR (236/237). If you are interested in a clustered WorkManager implementation you should check out Coherence.

    Rob Misek
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: The Enterprise Data Grid
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    WebSphere App Server strongly discourages you from creating threads. I don't believe that the web container will prohibit you from doing this, but it is currently unsupported....

    From the Servlet 2.3 spec section SRV.9.11:
    "Such servlet containers should support this behavior when performed on threads created by the developer, but are not currently required to do so. Such a requirement will be added in the next version of this specification. Developers are cautioned that depending on this capability for application-created threads is nonportable."

    Luckily, WAS gives you two mechanisms to do this safely; Asynchronous Beans and the Commonj WorkManager...

    Here's a link:

    -- Chris