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    To database or not: I would like to hear your thoughts on this.
      Issue at hand: There is a set of static HTML files, each being between 10 to 50 pages(reports,etc).

    They have some structured information available such as title, amounts, State, etc, and then there is the actual report which is quite unstructured.

    Current search :
    These are searched using a search engine, but the search engine cannot display a structured search, such as "show all reports where amount is less that a partcular figure"

    Future plan :
    Put the structured information in a database, with a link(URL) to the actual report. This way we can write custom queries, for eg. to get all reports for a range of amounts (which is the database now).

    The PROBLEM WITH THIS is keyword searching. When someone searches for a keyword, we want to search the file but display the correponding database entry.

    Another thought I have is to put these structured information (amount,state,etc) as XML tags and then play wiht the search engine to do structured searches(this is just my thoughts)

    Q. It would be good to hear if you have handled a similar issue.
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      Can you explain the context of this debate? What is the actual application in which you are doing the "to DB or not to DB" question?