How to provide failover for a JMS subscriber?


General J2EE: How to provide failover for a JMS subscriber?

  1. Hi,
      I have a J2SE application that subscribes to a JMS topic that is maintained by an external party, and performs some action when it receives a message. I now have to provide failover functionality for the application, i.e. to have:
    1) two instances of it running in two separate physical servers
    2) if both instances are alive and running, everytime when a message is published to the topic, only one instance will act on the message

      Will moving my application to J2EE, perhaps by using message-driven bean and by choosing a J2EE application server that does clustering allow me to achieve my objective?

      I am quite new to J2EE and would appreciate any feedback.

  2. I'd recommend switching to a JMS provider which suports failover such as ActiveMQ as this kind of thing is much more straightforward to implement inside a JMS provider than on top of it.