According to their online documentation, Bea Weblogic 9.1 should fully support JDK 1.5.

But if I create a Stateless Session Bean that implements following interface:

public interface PropertyManager {
    Collection<Property> persistPropertyCollection(Collection<Property> properties);

and implement the exact method signature (including generic collections) in the SLSB, the appc will fail and wail:

C:\Temp\appcgen_property.jar\x\y\z\ x.y.z.PropertyComponent_pjcup8_Impl is not abstract and does not override abstract method persistPropertyCollection(java.util.Collection) in x.y.z.PropertyComponent_pjcup8_Intf

And lo and behold, the generated interface PropertyComponent_pjcup8_Intf contains following method declaration:

public java.util.Collection persistPropertyUpdateCollection(java.util.Collection arg0);


Other users experienced that problem as well, but BEA never replied.

You know anything helpful? Comments will be appreciated!

Thanks, Lars