Question 1
suppose we have:

            +------>[UTIL Class]--->[Session Bean]

Ie; both MDBs use instance of Util class to delegate processing to Session Bean.Suppose session bean has only one public method x().
Suppose Util class has got a static reference to the remote interface of session bean(which is initialized during first call). Assume that session bean can take up to 40 seconds to finish a call to method x()

1 - what are the chances that a call from MDB2 would have to wait until call from MDB1 is finished at a given point of time.?
i.e; using static reference to a session remote would cause the new calls to wait till previous call is finished?
Question 2
Suppose someone has coded synchronized methods in certain helper classses(for no reason at all). And if a session bean calls that method, is it a violation of EJB specification?