Version 0.5 of JSP Controls Tag Library (the Library) has been released. The API and base tag set is solidified and no major changes are expected in future versions.

Accept tag is removed
Previously Accept tag checked whether request contained an event. This is not needed anymore. Instead, handler tags just grab whatever they feel appropriate as an event:

<jspc:handler event="logoutEvent">

Struts can be used as controller, using catch-all Handler tag with no "event" attribute:

   <jsp:include page="/" />

Ajax request sequencing

Say, a composite page contains the following components: Main Menu, Change Language, Login/Logout and maybe something else. When a user logs in or out, user status is changed. Main Menu depends on user status, it shows different menu for a guest and for registered user. Change Language component does not depend on user status. Now it is possible to redraw Main Menu right after Login/Logout component was activated, using another asynchronous request, defined in Attach tag:

<jspc:attach source="loginComponent.jsp"
             dependants="['loginStatusComponent.jsp']" />

No need to use coarse-grained Form and Link tags

New Prepare tag exports important URLs and pre-built Javascript expressions to page context. These variables can be used with JSTL inside plain HTML to build forms and links.

Built-in components

Currently the Library includes a set of tags that facilitate building of a Tabbed Notebook component. As all other components built with the Library, this component works both in standard non-Ajax mode as well as in Ajax mode.

Links to samples and downloads

* Project website:
* Download page
* Live samples