That library aims at :
1. Providing the most comprehensive JavaTM library for the scientific community.
2. Creating synergy between all sciences (e.g. math, physics, sociology, biology, astronomy, economics, etc.) by integrating them into a single architecture.
3. Providing the best on-line services (webstart) for scientific calculations and visualizations.

The library modules are :
1. Units and quantities modules proposed as basis for the JSR-275 reference implementation.
2. A coordinates module compliant with OGC/ISO specifications for the development and deployment of geographic applications.
3. A rigourous mapping of mathematical structures (e.g. Group, Ring, Field, VectorSpace ) to Java interfaces.
4. A linear algebra module, which includes a first (and I believe unique) parameterized matrix class capable of resolving linear system of equations involving any kind of elements (e.g. Complex, ModuloInteger, RationalFunctions) 5. A functions module for symbolic calculations and analysis.
6. Different types of numbers such as real numbers of arbitrary and guaranteed precision, or the always exact rational numbers.
7. Support for exact or arbitrary precision measurements (also strongly typed).
8. Support for Standard , Relativistic , High-Energy , Quantum and Natural physical models.
9. A monetary module for precision-guaranteed calculations and currencies conversions.

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