Building next generation Online GUI applications


J2EE patterns: Building next generation Online GUI applications

  1. Many component vendors are selling reusable GUI Widgets, but all of their GUI Widgets have many fundamental limitations. To name just one fundamental flaw or limitation: The components generated by the GUI Widgets cannot communicate with each other.

    The following web page presents an innovative process to create such GUI Widgets, and web site contains many examples for such GUI Components:

    Please pay attention to component communication code. How can any one use any Motif Widgets or Window’s GUI Controls, for example a Drop down list, Scale or Dial, if it cannot communicate a new selection (by calling a callback upon new selection) to other components in the application?

    The following web page discusses an example:

    You may see many GUI Component examples:

    One case study, why it is essential to invent “functionally equivalent” GUI Widgets:

    Future Online GUI applications are going to rock:

    We have been working more advanced technologies, which will be confidential for a year or two, but you can expect limitless possibilities!

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  2. Some potential Widgets our partners or we will be creating include:

    In addition to of course charts and graphs, such as:

    Other utility components, such as, Canvas or Drawing areas, Trees, tabs such as::

    Some useful components such as the following for GIS applications:

    Ultimate goal is build better GUI API than Windows-GUI. But how many GUI Controls are there, I couldn’t count no more than two dozens. Also all of them are build in to next generation platforms such as MXML/Flex and MAXML.

    Any other patterns, we should consider?
  3. How this is pattern ?[ Go to top ]

    How this is a pattern? It would be great if you provide us the gist/essence of the links (hrefs).
  4. How about this web page?[ Go to top ]

    A simple example:

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