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    I am currently evaluating the framework for my next project. The company focus is on portal, but i think it is an over kill considering none of the apps in my company have taken benefits from portal framewor. What would be some factors for deciding between the two?
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    I found an excellent article on http://www.info-bus.com/weblog
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    Actually the correct hyperlink is http://info-bus.com/blog/2006/06/portal_vs_web_application_deci.html
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    Our organization invested heavily into WebSphere Portal. In my opinion, we would have done better focusing on providing more content and applications. Portal is really nothing more than a content aggregator. Most of our applications are still done as a standard web-apps. A fraction of the app's functionality (20%) is then offered on the portal. The important point is to make sure you provide value through the web applications - portal is just a delivery vehicle.
  5. We are in planning stages of a new effort. We would like to use a WCM (Web Content Management) product to manage our content but we are not sure if we should manage navigation and presentation templates too. Our requirement is to be as flexible as possible so that a variety of delivery systems (portals, app servers, web servers) can consume our content through: - rendered html from WCM - dynamic content through APIs (JSR 170) or Web Services - content and navigation too from WCM (JSR 170) Appreciate any inputs or advice based on your experience or expertise in content based portals or web sites. Regards Ramana