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General J2EE: need example of struts pagination

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    Hi, I have a formbean in a seesion, in my jsp I display all the rows using logic:iterate , please how to use jsptags or displtag to use pagination , please your help is appreciated. thank you.
  2. Majid, Have a look at the docs for the struts iterate tag (, paying particular attention to the offset and length attributes. Lets say you want 10 records per page - set offset to pageNumber * 10 (Assuming that, internally, pageNumber is zero based) and length to 10. Then provide some mechanism for displaying next/previous/specific page links which post the appropriate value back to the action. I hope this brief description makes sense to you, as I don't have time to provide code samples right now. Let me know if you need more help.
  3. this is the best and easiest stuff;)
  4. Are you the Bob Armour who worked at Probe back in the previous century? If so I'd love to get back in touch; you can contact me at paul dot sinnett at gmail dot com or look me up on the net. Cheers, Paul.