Hi Jorge bianculli, (Sorry everyone else for the fresh post, but when I click "post reply", I'm told I don't have permissions, yet I have permissions for a fresh topic?!) What you need to know is that using LookupDispatchAction is incompatible with The reason is the name of the input tag that gets submitted. A translates to: But to use LookupDispatchAction, the name attribute must match the parameter attribute on your Struts mapping. Like so: My solution was have a base Action class for my app, and for all my Actions to subclass this one. It goes something like: public abstract class BaseAction extends LookupDispatchAction { protected Map getKeyMethodMap() { return null; } public ActionForward execute( ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response ) throws Exception { if ( isCancelled( request ) ) { return mapping.findForward( Forwards.CANCEL ); } else if ( mapping.getParameter() == null || request.getParameter( mapping.getParameter() ) == null ) { return this.unspecified( mapping, form, request, response ); } else { return super.execute( mapping, form, request, response ); } } } Hope that helps :-)