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    Could you have a look on the following design, I think it is not good, but don't know how to improve it. We have one class name GeneralValidator, it used for validate length of fields. Its code looks like: public abstract class GenericValidator{ public abstract getLength() public validate(XXX xxx){ this.getLength. Do some operation based on length. } } The class has many subclassess. Each of them only have one line executable code, such as public getLength(){return 5}. The good point of this design is easy to have new validator. But it generate many simple classes. Any suggestion on how to improve it? Thanks.

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    It seems that OO isn't used right here )) Of course you shouldn't make 1000s of almost identical classes just to reflect non-behavioral distinction between them. The class you supplied should be a subclass of a more generic Validator interface (just public boolean validate(T param)), and should have a name, say, LengthValidator. Then, you should add a 'length' property. Finally, you should make a singleton farm (Factory) of few instances (each with its own length). You could easy wire this up (and maintain) using Spring. gl
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    Thanks for your kindly reply. Please permit me confirm whether I have understand your idea. You mean I can have more generic class named LengthValidator. Looks like the following code: public LengthValidator{ public int length; public validationResult validate(){ do some validation operation based on lenght. } } This class don't have those subclass to provide specific length. But there is a single factory for it. This factory has serveral instances. The code would looks like: public LenthValidatorFactory{ private LenthValidator aaaLengthValiator; private LenthValidator bbbLengthValiator; .... public getAAALenthvalidator(){ if(aaaLengthValiator==null){ /*according to some configuration or constant(where length is defined) create all validators. */ initlize() }else{ return aaaLenghtValidator } } public getBBBLengthValidator(){ ... } .... Is that right? I appreciate your help.
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    anybody can help on above issue? Thanks.