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    Hello to everyone I have a problem trying to deploy Pentaho (a Business Intelligence product) in Websphere 5.1. Pentaho uses Servlet API 2.4. So, when a servlet from Pentaho tries to execute: response.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8") webpshere throws the following exception: Error 500: No se puede compilar la clase para JSP Se ha producido un error entre las lĂ­neas: 17 y 90 en el archivo jsp: /jsp/Navigate.jsp Error de servlet generado: D:\Proyectos\Espigon\.metadata\.plugins\\tmp0\cache\localhost\server1\DefaultEAR\EspigonBI.war\jsp\ cannot resolve symbol symbol : method setCharacterEncoding (java.lang.String) location: interface javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse response.setCharacterEncoding(lStrCodificacion); ^ 1 error WAS can't find the method setCharacterEncoding I believe this happens because WAS 5.1 uses Servlet API 2.3. Is there any way to use Servlet API 2.4 in WAS 5.1? Any kind of help would be great Thanks in advanced Pablo
  2. Check out windows->preferences From memory I belive there is a j2ee option there where you should be able to select that version if it is available. This may also be possible from the project properties