We are happy to finally release this version with several key improvements to soapui functionality.. please help us test and verify that old projects dont stop working and that the new features work as expected.. http://www.soapui.org Major Improvements * Support for Attachments (MTOM / SwA / Inlining) * 12 Tool integrations for; o Code Generation; JBossWS (wstools), JAX-RPC (wscompile), JAX-WS (wsimport), XFire 1.1.X (WsGen), Axis 1.X (wsdl2java), Axis 2 (wsdl2code), JAXB 2.0 (xjc), XmlBeans 2.X (scomp), GSoap 2.7.X and .NET 2.0, including a ToolRunner for running code-generation tools from the command line o WSDL-Generation; JBossWS (wstools) o WS-I Basic Profile Validations o Apache TcpMon * WSDL Caching and exporting * JUnit Reports for functional tests from commandline Minor Improvements * Support for importing secured wsdls * Initial support for Property-Expansion in test requests and xpath expressions * Automatic/Manual generation of WS-Security headers for Authentication * SOAP 1.2 support for request generation / HTTP headers / validation * Improved request generation * Support for unverified SSL certificates * Response-size threshold * Support for preencoded urls * Updated xmlbeans/saxon for improved XPath 2.0 support