Infragistics announces NetAdvantage for JSF 2006


News: Infragistics announces NetAdvantage for JSF 2006

  1. Infragistics has announced the release of NetAdvantage for JSF 2006, Volume I. This is a commercial set of AJAX-enabled JSF components for building user interfaces in J2EE. Components include gids, navigation, menus, trees, tabs, explorer bars, other UI elements and editors. NetAdvantage includes support for Smart Refresh technology that is intended to provide automatic updates between the component and model so the developer does not have to write any manual refresh code. The package also supports accessibility, internationalization, and customization via CSS. The release includes design-time support for Sun Studio Creator and Eclipse (including Exadel Studio), and is supported on application servers including WebLogic 7 and 8, WebSphere 5.1 and 6, JBoss 3.2 and 4, Resin 2.1 and 3, and Sun's Application Server 7 and 8 as well as Tomcat 4 and 5. The JSF versions supported look like JSF 1.0 and 1.1. NetAdvantage for JSF 2006 costs $799 USD ($699 EUR), or $1290 USD (1134 EUR) with priority support.
  2. Ok, I checked out the beta of NetAdvantage some weeks ago and made a (small) comparison between Tomahawk, Tobago, Trinidad, ICEfaces and NetAdvantage. I try to keep it up to date: Feel free to comment it. Tom
  3. Hi Tom, I appreciate the work you did on the comparison table: I have never seen such a complete overview anywhere on the Net. In your comparison you might want to include Backbase. Although Backbase started out as a client-side AJAX engine, a JSF Edition was released earlier this year. I think it supports pretty much all items in your comparison table, however it is commercial software. You can download a full evaluation version at Jep (Backbase)
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    Tom, I think you miss one very important Ajax components kit – Ajax4jsf ( – in your comprehensive review. This is open source project under which targeting AJAX and components development in JSF. It is compatible with both – 1.1 and 1.2 implementation versions and going to be release really soon (current version is RC4) Best regards, Igor Shabalov.
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    Thanks Igor for the input, I just updated the jsf matrix with a new column for Ajax4Jsf, and wait for the final release. By the way, I created a more general url for matrix: Best Regards, Tom
  6. FYI, it's worthwhile to note that NetAdvantage for JSF is based on Otrix's WebStudio components, which Infragistics purchased earlier this year (see for details. Otrix's components were very well regarded, so I think you can expect the same from Infragistics. Kito D. Mann Author, JavaServer Faces in Action - JSF/Java EE consulting, training, and mentoring - JavaServer Faces FAQ, news, and info