Suggestion Required in selection of technology Servlets,JSP JSF


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Suggestion Required in selection of technology Servlets,JSP JSF

  1. Dear i want great Ideas from you peoples. I want to select one the following tech- to build product factor that are envolve in building product in mentioned below. I want to choose from Servlets,JSP and usage of Jave Server Faces AJAX as well.Some of techonolgies are new to me like JSF and AJAX. If anyonce can share some information regarding mentioned technologies i would be really thankfull to him. Akhnukh !!! Factor influancing product developement. 1- Time Lines 2- Try to make interface and application log separate 3- Performance 4- Easy Installation 5- Reliability Thanks and waiting for replies. Single line of suggestion can help me in taking decesion. Akhnukh !!
  2. The technologies you mention are not mutually exclusive. Servlets and JSP are different facets of the same thing - JSPs compile to servlets. JSF is supposed to make JSP development faster and easier
  3. Please think of JSF as a web development framework. JSF's HTML rendering is built on JSP. JSF is at the same category as Struts. If your application only use Servlet and JSP, you must follow commonly-used J2EE patterns otherwise developers will create such issues as enbedding business logic into JSP. So you usually should pick up a framework such as Struts, JSF or Spring for your team
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    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion we finally select JSP and Servlets as a combination. Can you please elobrate your second Suggestion , in which you mentioned patteren used in J2EE. Actually i am newbie to J2EE , can you please tell me names of Patterens which i can study. Thanks