Dynamic configuration of properties/descriptor files?


General J2EE: Dynamic configuration of properties/descriptor files?

  1. Hello all, I am trying to use configuration files used in j2ee applications (property files, deployment descriptors) in a more dynamic manner. I have been searching for a suitable solution for some time now. I have come across the following syntax within a configuration or properties file in a legacy project that I am to maintain. ... ... Notice the JSTL-like syntax ${theVariable} The above code comes from an xreg config file, read at startup. I do not think that there is custom code that parses the file so that it is updated, but I think that this is a pretty cool mechanism for dynamic configuration of applications especially if the properties come from the shell environment variables and can be set at will, or from the java -D option. If anyone knows anything about this technique please respond to the present mail or to kalohr at gmail dot com thank you, Joe
  2. I think for passing parameters into properties files, the syntax is either {0} or ${0}. The zero can be other numbers as well - 0 for first parameter, 1 for second etc