Jitterbit 1.1, open source integration package, released


News: Jitterbit 1.1, open source integration package, released

  1. Jitterbit has released version 1.1 of their open source integration software (direct download), which applies transformations to data being sent from one system to another for the purposes of integration. Jitterbit 1.1 is a major release that includes new functionality, including: Support for LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) - Using Jitterbit you can now integrate enterprise systems with corporate directory services. Hosted Web Services - Prior to 1.1 Jitterbit could only consume outside Web Services. With the latest release users can host and expose their own Web Services securely to the outside world. Web Services Cookie support - Certain Web Services require cookies for storing session information. XML Any - Support for the XML Any is now included. The element enables users to extend an XML document with elements not specified by the schema. Encryption for Jitterpaks - Jitterpaks can now be password encrypted to protect sensitive data contained in pre-packaged integrations for Jitterbit. In addition to these major additions, over 50 bugs were closed in version 1.1. Jitterbit 1.1 comes with revamped Documentation which is available in both the Java-based application (JavaHelp) as well as online in the Jitterbit Wiki.

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    Congradulations to the team, I haven't used the product but I look forward to doing so. Incidentally the reason I was not able to try out the product is because I couldn't install it. This was because I already had Postgresql 8.1 running on my computer and Jitterbit wanted to install ver 8.0. Have you considered using an embedded database? This would make the installation less cumbersome to a certain extent. Mpume www.mahalasoft.za.net