reloading anotherjsp while loading a jsp


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  1. There is a particular Scenario in which there is a Frameset with 3 jsps in 3 different frames. I am trying to load particular jsp in the frameset in some condition. While loading that, i want to reload another jsp in the same frameset based on some condition. all the 3 jspa are visible always. hence I used document.write with jsp name but this didnot work with jsp name but works with the html content. can someone help me in understanding whether there is a way of doing this using document.write or some other way?
  2. You must produce a piece of JavaScript (when the special case is true) from your JSP that is run on (for example) html body load and invokes a reload on the alien frame's document. JSPs are simply Servlets that have no knowledge about the client environment (browser) where their outputs are rendered. /Niklas