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    I have been reading the patterns and the comments/feedback from people. The repository is very good and very useful.

    However, my only concern is that the feedback is hard to follow. It should be presented in a threaded or nested manner so that you know that a message is in response to the other message. Like Navigator's news reader or perhaps Slashdot.

    Just my $0.02.
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    Well, in my view, it is easier to follow the whole thread by laying it all out like we do now. I've seen in some of the traditional newsgroups that I have to click 15 links to read an interesting thread. Here a whole page is devoted to the thread & you can just read it top to bottom.

    If there is a confusion (as to which mail the contributer is responding) I can just click on the _"in response to this message"_ link on the message & I'm transferred right to the original message.

  3. Regarding showing threaded messages in a hierarchical order, while it may seem appealing to some (as the last respondent in this thread said) to show them all in one non-hierarchical list like they do now, it's not going to appealing to all.

    Why not offer the choice?

    I'll tell you another reason why this is especially needed. When folks reply to a question, even if it's from weeks or months ago, their reply will show up at the bottom of the thread as the latest reply. But unless one notices that it's "in reply to" something other than the most current discussions, it may be misinterpreted.

    Again, why not give us the option to either view it in a threaded form or not?