Acsera Corp, a provider of model-driven application performance management solutions for Portal, J2EE and SOA applications, has changed its name to ClearApp, Inc. The name change includes a redesigned website, now called, and the launch of a new version of its APM solution, now called ClearApp QuickVision 6.0 (formerly Acsera Manager). This latest release of ClearApp QuickVision builds on the product's model-driven approach for managing the business logic and transaction flows in portal, J2EE, SOA and other composite applications. QuickVision 6.0 includes a Portal Management Platform, which models and enables performance management of page flows and services in enterprise portals. QuickVision's automated modeling and instrumentation also promise the deployment of managed applications with meaningful data at faster speeds. Also, the new Portal Management capabilities and ClearApp's AppSchema claim to allow the deployment of a complete management application management solution without specific J2EE application knowledge, by giving "top-down" and "bottom-up" views for instant evaluation of performance issues. Other new features include:
  • J2EE application server support
  • ArchView, which creates an architectural map of J2EE applications to locate performance bottlenecks
  • SOAView, which outlines interactions between SOA application building blocks
  • SQL Tracking feature that provides SQL performance data for diagnosis
  • Custom Metrics module to enable measurement of customer classes not automatically modeled by ClearApp
What do you think of ClearApp's recent remodeling? What are you thoughts on the new version of ClearApp QuickVision?