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    I have a simple POJO part of an EAR deployed on server instance A and an EJB part of different EAR deployed on server instance B on the same machine. both talk to same database. pojo is calling a DAO within the same EAR and doing some insert/update functions and also the EJB on server instance B. I have all my operations within a UserTransaction. UT=(UT)ctx.lookup("java:comp/UserTransaction") UT.begin() DAO.update() if(xx) DAO.insert() call to session EJB which inturn calls a singleton class to start workflow process DAO.update() endif UT.commit() when UT.commit() is called RollBackException is thrown. Environment is WAS6.0 and Oracle 9i. Any idea what is causing this error?
  2. Looks like you are attempting do a transaction whose boundary spans between two j2ee server instances. technically it is possible. details below : short answer in both server instances you might want to use distributed two phase commit protocol (XA) Bhagvan K
  3. Thank you. We enabled XA drivers on both servers and it worked.