Problem deploying a Stateless Session Bean in Weblogic


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem deploying a Stateless Session Bean in Weblogic

  1. Hi evreybody, I am new to EJB and Weblogic, after going through a few tutorails on EJB and weblogic, i tried out my first "Hello World" stateless session bean program, well, i think i wrote the code properly, as i didnt get any error while compling the code with javac, i then wrote the .xml files in the META-INF directory, after creating the jar file, when i tried weblogic -ejbc its giving me an error, stating that it cannot find the files in the required diretories, while i am sure i put the files in the required directories. can anyone please help me out with this. Thanking you all in advance

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    Please provide us your directory tree, how you launch ejbc (full command-line) and (of course!) exact error text. Also, WebLogic version and Java version.
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    Hi In Ejb we have two jar files one is container independent and one is container dependent.So first check configuration after deploy then its work properly. deployment is not issue first check xml files Thanks&Regards Katragadda Kotaiah Chowdary 91+9867814180
  4. You should have to xml files for Weblogic deployment under ejb-jar/META-INF 1) weblogic.jar 2) ejb-jar.xml Thanks and Regards Joy Mookerji
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    Thank you, i found the problem, it was in the package structure of my beans. Thank you again