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    We are right now migrating to JDK 1.2 or higher from JDK 1.1.8 . Where can i find one stop information on the list of deprecated elements & differences ?

    Thanx in advance


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    it is quite difficult to get this information as u expect it to be. It is available in JDK 1.2.X docs, but is distributed thru out the documentation. There is no single document, to my knowledge, that gives listing of all the deprecated APIs.

    Use -deprecation switch of javac (from JDK 1.2.x) to see the list of all the deprecated APIs, used in ur code.

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    Hi again,

    sorry for the mis-info in last reply.

    in documentation of JDK1.2, on index page of api reference, u'll find deprecated link. Just click on this link to find out list of all the methods in all the classes & packages that are deprecated.