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    Hi, My requirement is that i need to upload the files from client machine to the server. The client is using the browser (web) for the application. We don't want the thick client to upload files as the part of the requirement. The user just gives the parent path of the directory and i need to upload all the files to the server. I tried to use the Multipart to upload files, but i believe there is some security restriction in using the tag . The limitation is that, we can only read the value and can't initiate or set the value (the file name and file path of the file). Refer http://www.irt.org/script/1154.htm for more information on the restriction. Due to this restriction, i cannot set the values, i.e. file path and name to the tag, implicitly. What i intend to do initially is to define tag and make it hidden using the style and try to set value, so that the servlet can access the Multipart request along with the file path and name. But this seems to be invalid in light of the restriction. If anybody has any good idea on how to proceed, please let me know. Thanks SS
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    One thing i forget to mention is that we are using the IE v5.0+