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    Hi Folks, My management has decided to migrate our existing oracle database in windows platform to Linux OS to improve the performance of database access. Our application written in J2EE has being hosted in weblogic server in windows platform. By doing database migration to different OS what are all the precautions we need to take especially, how this database migration affect our application in windows. Can we use the same application code without any major changes? What kind of changes we may expect? Expecting your valuable replies.... -Muru
  2. If the only reason for changing OS is to boost performance, I believe you all are up for a big dissapointment. If there are any performance diffs between Oracle instances running on different environment, those diffs are likely to be very small if even measurable. But, to answer your question, given that the environment the application itself is running in does not change, the database os change will not make it neccesary to re-write your application. Things to watch out with is any localizations with regard to character encodings, decimal separators, etc, as oracle tend to use the os' settings for localization in some cases. /Niklas