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    Are there any known problems regarding to having VAJ and WAS installed on the same machine? I've just got WAS working and 'cause our whole network envirnoment isn't ready yet - just seeing how everything works, the combination of the two products- I've installed VAJ on the same machine; and now WAS is running; it says for example the default app is running but when accessing it in the browser I get an 404, and the console says "webgroup not found". Are there specific files I have to alter to get things running?


    (only VAJ 3.02 experience; no WAS 3.x)

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    it seems that u have not actually setup the things properly. Check in WAS admin console, if u can see default server & application in that.

    try creating a fresh one. It takes hardly few minutes if u do it, as instructed.

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    There is no problem if you install WAS 3.5 & VAJ 3.5 on the same machine.

    Only thing is you cannot use WAS and WebSphere Test Enviroment at the same time. So if you are testing anything using WebSphere Test Enviroment then make sure that you have stopped Websphere & Http Server from services.